Setting the mood for your entire home

Lighting is a key component in setting the mood for your home and when considering an upgrade to a smarthome. Lights come in all shapes and sizes, from elegant chandeliers to spotlights and standard lamps. Every house is different and every room requires consideration to achieve the best look and feel.

Choosing your lights

Our SmartCORE system can control any light fixture, allowing each home to maintain its individuality and character to come through. A variety of control modules allows switching, dimming and even full RGB colour control, giving you the freedom to choose from the entire commercial market or integrate with your existing lights. SmartCORE also gives you the ability to use intelligent sockets to control plug in bedside lamps and standing uplighters.


Controlling your lights is easy as the SmartCORE can automatically turn your lights on and off as your move around the house. AutoLights not only knows which lights you want to turn on when you enter the room but also ensures that all lights are turned off when you exit the room, completely removing that “did i leave the light on” feeling. Totally configurable to your needs; your installation consultant will work with you define the best options for your home including which lights are automatic, the light levels required and even how long they stay on for.

Controlling your lights

Sometimes you may wish to have direct control over the lights in a room and SmartCORE caters for this as well. Using the in-room multifunction tablets or even your existing lightswitches, every aspect of your home is still under your control as and when you want it. Both lights and sockets can be controlled and grouped for ease of access and tailored to your needs.