Our new SmartCORE handles the intelligence behind the home automation, combining all systems to produce some of these impressive features:

First and foremost, a smarthome is judged on the quality of its intelligent features. These features make the difference between a home control solution and a true smarthome. We believe the features offered by the SmartCORE go above and beyond, giving you a truly Smarter House.

Using sensors throughout the house and intelligent algorithms SmartCONTROL ensures that your home is always ready to respond and anticipating your every need. From waking up in the morning to going away on holiday all the features below work together to make your life easier and Macro Level Smarthomes works with each and every client to add bespoke elements as required.

Wake Up

Lights can be configured in Wake-Up mode, which syncs to your alarm and helps to provide a natural and relaxing start to the day by gradually increasing in brightness.

Auto Lights

With lights that react as soon as you enter a room an intelligent lighting system gives full control over setting the mood for your home as soon as you enter.


Standby mode secures your home, turns off all lights in the house and turns off all non-essential sockets whilst youre at work or away from home.


With the single touch of a button, Goodnight mode is set, securing the house by locking the doors and closing curtains, and informing you if any windows have been left open. All selected lights will be turned off, and all remaining lights can be dimmed. If any midnight trips are required, automatic dimmed lights will be provided to light the way.

Follow Me

The Macro Level Smart Home Audio System has a proprietary Follow Me feature, automatically providing audio to the user as they move around the house.

Auto Away

Your security system needs to be at its most effective when you are on vacation. Setting the house to Auto Away mode mimics your day to day movements, controlling lighting and curtains to make it look as though you are home, and helping to deter any unwanted visitors.