Music. Your way.

Whether its watching a movie, rocking out in the shower or listening to quiet background music whilst eating, a high quality sound system can revolutionise your enjoyment of music. That’s why we use SONOS in all our audio installs, the industry leader in multi-room audio.


Different situations require different solutions, and with Sonos we are uniquely positioned to scale our music to each room in your house, big or small. The cylindrical Play:1 will give easy listening music in smaller rooms whilst the larger Play:3 fills most rooms comfortably with high quality sound and bass. For when things get serious, the Play:5 packs enough punch to fill even the largest of spaces and can be paired up for stunningly high quality stereo sounds. Depending on the configuration of your lounge Sonos also offers both a Playbar and Playbase for watching TV or the Sonos:Connect allowing you to link your existing stereo and home theatre audio straight into the Sonos ecosystem.


Having fantastic quality speakers is only useful if you can play all of your music collection through them. The Macro Level Smarthome makes no compromises and can play music from almost 50 streaming services including Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify and Amazon Music (check out the full list here) whilst also being able to play line-in music from your TV or computer and can even connect your doorbell to play through the speaker system!


Every speaker in your home can play a different tune at the same time, but for a truly spectacular experience any number of speakers can be grouped together into a coherent group. Sonos automatically calibrates to ensure that your sound is perfectly in sync, with no discernable delay throughout your home, no matter how many speakers you add to the group! This functionality enables your home to transform into the ultimate party location at the touch of a button.


Our SmartCORE intelligent algorithms allow your music to follow you around the house. Simply enable FollowMe mode and the music currently playing will follow you around the house, seamlessly, no matter where you go.