The Smarter Home

An open letter from our founder: What is a Smarthome and do they truly exist?

Ericsson was the first brand to use the phrase “smartphone”, with the release of its GS88 in 1997. However it wasnt until January 9, 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone at Macworld that the term started to gain popularity. For a long time phones had been getting smarter; adding games, calendars, note taking and even email synchronization. The iPhone was a new breed, far closer to a computer than a phone, and a step change worthy of the “smart” title. Since then our digital and connected worlds have radically changed and the world is full of smart devices, from smartphones and watches, to smart clothing, keys and fitness aids.

The concept of home automation has been around for decades, with ideas and concepts emerging out of popular science fiction from automatic doors and handheld devices to advanced voice controlled computers. In the last 5 years the technology has caught up with the ideals, and increased reliability of wireless networking has revolutionised the home automation front, making the concept of a smart home an achievable reality.

Smarthomes are currently one of the fastest growing technology sectors, with large companies increasing public awareness and products such as Hive, Google Home and Amazon Alexa now becoming household names.

Most solutions available today consist of a number of connected devices, controlled using a series of apps or physical switches, relying on the user to provide inputs at each stage. The next stage for the industry is to introduce a step change to combine intelligence with these connected homes in order to truly create a Smarthome worthy of the title.

The Macro Level Smarthome is the first system to combine intelligent algorithms with the connected home in order to offer our customers a truly Smarter Home.

James Kinsman
Founder, Managing Director
Macro Level Smarthomes