Makeup of a Smarthome

What makes up a smarthome?

A home is made up of many parts and a smarthome is no diff erent. For a home to be truly smart all the elements must work together to allow your smarthome to work with you. When correctly confi gured a smarthome system disappears into the background, assisting in the running of the home without any conscious thought from you, but always there to lend a helping hand.

Smart lighting ensures that the lights are on when you need them and where you need them without having to search for or reach light switches.

Intelligent heating keeps the house warm whilst saving energy, by only heating the areas you are currently using.

Sensors and cameras ensure that you are protected at all times and allow your smarthome to respond to your needs.

Superior sound in every room provided by Sonos® audio. Sonos’ multiroom audio paired with SmartCONTROL gives you an unrivalled audio experience, following you seamlessly from room to room.

Our beautiful control panel is available on our wall mounted Samsung® tablets throughout your home and your own tablet and mobile.

Dynamic intelligence that learns from you so that your smarthome reacts exactly how you would expect and need it to.

Smarthome components