It's all about bespoke

Our system is unique and developed in-house. With our extensive experience we have the capability to integrate with any number of third party systems including powered internal doors, electric hoists, track systems, garage doors, powered gates and many more.

Your home is unique and at Macro Level Smarthomes we don’t believe in off the shelf packages. Our team will work with you to create a system tailored to your home and to your individual needs.

Every person is unique and so are all of our products. Each control panel is designed and customised to suit you and your individual needs. Example control panel options include:

  • Easy to read fonts
  • Different colours and themes
  • Large print
  • Text to Speech alerts

During our no-obligation consultation and planning service our expert team will work with you to ensure that you achieve your ideal smarthome which can cater for all of your needs, to help you along the road to independence.