For peace of mind

When it matters most

Physical Ability

Regaining your independence after a physical impairment can seem daunting. A smarthome can help to ease the transition with features such as:

  • Automatic lights and doors
  • Voice and remote control of accessible devices

Mental Health

A full smarthome system can enable you to live independently by helping out with the little things which can make a big difference:

  • Reminding you to take your medication
  • Your environment can respond to developing situations by changing light, sound and music selection as required


Your smarthome can detect changes to patterns in daily life and immediately inform a carer, reducing the level of immediate support needed:

  • Detecting a fall
  • Noticing upset or disrupted routines
  • Remote monitoring


Understanding the impact of a dementia diagnosis can be very unsettling. A smarthome can provide reassurance and alert when an intervention may be required:

  • Ensuring they are remembering to eat and drink regularly
  • Keeping an eye out for unusual activity for example, front door opening late at night