Customisable for you

Every individual’s needs are unique, even those within the same family. As part of the installation process we will work with you to identify the areas of your home which would benefi t more automation and those which you would prefer to have a more traditional interface. In the meantime here are some examples of the types of customisation we can offer:

Leave your home safe with smart sockets, ensuring that you never leave the iron on again! As soon as you leave the house our SmartCONTROL system will ensure that all lights and non-essential appliances are turned off , leaving your house perfectly safe.

Automation bespoke to your needs ensures your home responds in the right way for you. From notifying carers of a lack of movement to simple voice commands configuring a calming environment in your home, our automation ensures your home is working for you.

Our unified control interface not only controls all aspects of your smarthome but can also integrate with accessibility technologies you already have installed, simplifying usage and ensuring that you can control all elements of your home from one place.

Always on security ensures that you are safe in and away from your home. From checking who is at the door before opening it, to automatically notifying a carer of movement outside the property, your smarthome is looking out for you all the time.