Macro Level Smarthomes are pushing the boundaries of smarthome technology by providing intelligent systems that anticipate your demands before you’ve even thought of them. We provide a fully integrated smarthome system that could improve your lifestyle and enhance your independence - from adjusting lighting and temperature based on your levels of activity, to sending alerts to a loved one when it seems you might be in difficulty.

At Macro Level Smarthomes we believe that assistive technology shouldn’t be any different to non-assistive technology. We use exactly the same fully confi gurable and bespoke system in all our installs, giving you a system which is not only tuned to your needs, but performs and looks great as well.

By utilising advances in consumer smarthome technology we can assist you in gaining your independence by integrating standard consumer equipment where possible. We can integrate with any specifi c accessibility hardware which you may require (For example: Bed hoists, tracks and powered doors) but without the need for expensive custom designed control systems and interfaces.

Intelligence is at the heart of any smarthome and we will work with you to adapt and configure all elements of your smarthome to best meet your individual needs. From turning the lights on when you enter a room to reconfi guring your entire environment at your command, we ensure you end up with the right system to suit you and your family.

Throughout your journey, from the initial consultation through to install and training, our experienced team will work with you in designing a smarthome with features that are right for you, producing a bespoke system as unique as your needs.