Making your home work for you

Homes are getting smarter. As the number of connected devices increases, manufacturers are increasingly providing the tools and capabilities for a fully integrated home automation solution.

A smart home offers an integrated solution, combining heating, lighting, music and many other functions at the touch of a button.

This greater level of accessibility brings with it the benefits of enhanced user experiences, convenience, as well as providing a more energy efficient home.

Find out today what a smart home can offer you.



Enabling your independence

Nothing is more frustrating than losing some of your independence, particularly in your own home. Our smarthomes use existing consumer technology with custom intelligence in order to put you back in control.

  • Automatic lighting
  • Carer notifications
  • Calming lighting and music for panic attacks
  • Automatic control of kitchen worktop height depending on user
  • Cooker emergency shut-off
  • Automatic activation of accessible hardware

Learn more about how a smarthome can help you to regain your independence



Setting the mood for your entire home

Providing automation to your house has never been simpler; transform your home with a sophisticated lighting system, giving a hands-free solution.



Intelligence as standard, with automatic scheduling to keep you warm.

Let the house get to work before you even wake, ensuring that the rooms are the perfect temperature ready for the day ahead. No need to adjust the schedule; let the system do the work for you, and save money by only heating the rooms you need.



Music. Your Way.


Compatible with all major music streaming providers; any music, anywhere.


Superior sound quality with industry leading speakers.


Seamless multi-room audio to keep up with you as you move around your home.



For peace of mind when it matters most

Nothing is more important than ensuring the safety and security of your home, especially when youre away. Explore our range of available security options including cameras, motion and perimeter detection.



The brains behind the house

First and foremost, a smarthome is judged on the quality of its intelligent features. These features make the difference between a home control solution and a true smarthome. We believe the features offered by the SmartCORE go above and beyond, giving you a truly Smarter House.

AutoLights are ready to light your way whilst intelligent sockets ensure that nothing is left on when you are out of the house. Wakeup greets you in the morning and then Goodnight mode ensures the house goes to sleep when you do. Standby and AutoAway ensure that the house is safe when you are at work and out of the country.



Whether you are planning a new build or wanting to integrate smart technology into your existing home, we are happy to help and provide recommendations tailored to your needs.
If you have decided that the time is right to invest in a smart home, please get in touch.


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